Joyce Wong

Artist, Designer, Sketcher & Visual  storyteller


Hi and welcome to Joysee!

I draw and I paint. I make collages. I design patterns, logos and web applications. Recently I design walking tour that teaches people about Outdoor Sketching. I want to capture beauty of nature through my work. 

Enjoy my site. I hope you can feel some of the joy I felt when creating these images. Joysee - helping people to see and appreciate beauty and life.

你好! 我本身是UI/UX設計師,近年開始重拾繪畫尤其速寫/寫生的熱情,希望將這份喜悅分享給更多人

Outdoor Sketching

" I think what I enjoy most about sketching is the moment before I start... I sat down, felt the place and then tried to see it's beauty... perhaps thats when beauty starts." 

— Dorothy, sketcher

「我覺得寫生最享受就是起稿前, 坐著小櫈去感受環境的氣氛和找美的地方,也許這就是美的開始...」

— Dorothy, 寫生友


Ink Art

Ink painting helps me to loosen up. Due to it's fluid nature, I try to play and see how water, ink, brush strokes and paper interact. Sometimes frustrated but more often I find the results exciting. More importantly, Chinese ink paintings bring me closer to nature.


— 唐代 張璪

All artwork copyright © Joyce Wong